SEGA Licenses ‘Immensely Popular’ IP for Blockchain Gaming Platform Game Dosi

Despite saying last time that blockchain gaming is "boring".

Line Next has recently announced that it has partnered up with SEGA and licensed an “immensely popular” IP for its blockchain gaming platform Game Dosi.

SEGA Partners with Line Next

CEO of Line Next Youngsu Ko has announced that Line Next has teamed up with SEGA to bring some exciting gaming to the Web3 space for gamers around the world. “Through this partnership, Game Dosi will provide Web3 content that anyone can easily enjoy, including SEGA fans.”

Ko has not clarified which IP he is referring to. SEGA has not commented as well. The latter has allowed third-party partners to make NFT titles using some of its franchises recently, but it did not allow them to use its biggest characters to be associated with blockchain titles. The company wants to avoid devaluing its IP.

Last week, SEGA Co-Chief Officer Shuji Utsumi has called these play-to-earn titles “boring”. He even said, “What’s the point if games are no fun?”

SEGA did say that it will still continue to invest in blockchain gaming despite not having an interest in it anymore. They are waiting for a chance to make it more mainstream in the future and this new licensing of its “popular” IP might be the start.

Line Next is a South Korean firm that operates under Line, a messaging similar to WhatsApp. Its Web3 gaming platform Game Dosi “provides user-and game-centered services.”

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