Sherlock Holmes The Awakened 2022 Kickstarter Campaign Goes Live

The detective duo investigates a case with a Lovecraftian style!

Frogwares has now announced the Sherlock Holmes The Awakened 2022 Kickstarter Campaign.

sherlock holmes the awakened 2022

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened 2022 Kickstarter Campaign Has Started

The Sherlock Holmes the Awakened 2022 Kickstarter campaign is now live after Frogwares set it up recently online. It was to fund the Lovecraftian horror adventure with Sherlock Holmes starring in it. There are some details about it and a collection of rewards for backers with two new videos uploaded by the team.

Introduction of the Duo

One of the two trailers shows a young Holmes and Watson trying to escape from danger. The New Orlean Sheriff’s Department is now hunting down the two due to a “misunderstanding”. They get shot at with shotguns fired by the sheriffs but miss and the detectives flee deep into the swamps. The two then notice that something is off and Sherlock is quite shaken about it.

Kickstarter Details

The second video is an update from the development team. They share images about the war in Ukraine and discuss the reason for Frogwares choosing Kickstarter.

“We opted for Kickstater to create a financial safety net for the game but also to try to give back to our closest fans wanting to support us now. This way we can give them that bit of recognition by putting their names and photos into the game while it’s still in development.”

“We also have decided to be very realistic with our other rewards and keep them all digital. We have seen devs in the past promise things that become very time-consuming to deliver. Our team simply doesn’t have that luxury.” – Sergiy Oganesyan, Comms Director, Frogwares

Downloadable Rewards

All of the downloadable rewards on Kickstarter will be made available for purchase to all players in the future. The supporters of the campaign will be able to get the content first and at a notable discount and that includes the game.

About the Game

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened is a Cthulhu meets Sherlock Holmes detective horror adventure. The game acts as a continuation of young Sherlock’s story with Holmes and Watson undertaking their first major case together. An Eldritch god-obsessed cult is making moves in the shadows to bring about a world-altering prophecy and it’s up to the young detective duo to thwart their plans. This is a creative take on what horror-filled and reality-breaking events could have met our heroes at such a crucial point in their lives to go on and shape them into the characters we all know they become. Delve into the trauma and fear that cements their friendship for good and the revelations that break Sherlock’s mind to create the flawed and haunted genius he is destined to be. Originally released in 2006, The Awakened is a full remake and substantial rewrite being rebuilt and redesigned from the ground up to run in Unreal Engine 4.

What is Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Release Date?

No official release date yet for Sherlock Holmes The Awakened but it could be released sometime in mid-2023. It will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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