Do Not Expect Silent Hill 2 Remake to Fully Copy Original

Original Pyramid Head would not compare to Remake Pyramid Head.

Bloober Team has recently revealed that the upcoming Silent Hill 2 Remake is a whole new journey.

In a recent interview with media outlet, Lords of Gaming, Bloober Team Head of Production Kacper Michalski revealed some small tidbits of information on what to expect in the next iteration of the most popular psychological and suspenseful game ever, Silent Hill 2. He explained that this will not be a copycat of the original game and expected to have big changes.

Kacper revealed that the whole town of Silent Hill has now been reworked with the use of state-of-the-art technology. All of the creatures involved in this game have been recreated as well with more eerie visuals. To make the game challenging, the team has changed the AI to keep them on their toes.

Aside from the visuals and sound, the executive revealed that the story experience will be the focal point. The team has even delved into the emotional expression of every character and that includes the main character, James.

It would be a whole new experience for both fans and the newcomers to this game.

silent hill 2 remake

Silent Hill 2 release date is still unknown.