Silent Hill 2 Remake Release Rumors Addressed by Bloober Team

Bloober Team addresses release rumors and out of context statements

The Bloober Team, the ones handling the Silent Hill 2 Remake, is now addressing the rumors surrounding the upcoming title and its upcoming release date.

It was revealed a week ago that the upcoming Silent Hill 2 Remake is now technically ready by Bloober Team President Pitor Babieno. Bloober then clarified that the statement, which was in Polish, was mistranslated and taken out of context. They made it clear that they have not announced a release date yet so nothing solid.

“As the Bloober Team, we don’t comment on rumors. However, this time we need to take the floor, as some recent statements have been taken out of context, due to inaccurate translations,” said the post on Bloober Team’s Twitter account. “Our company’s messages did not contain sales forecasts of specific titles. The figures connected to Silent Hill 2 refer to the potential success of the type of games we will be focusing on in the future.”

“It is also not true that we have announced that Silent Hill 2 is ready for release. Regardless of the development stage, all of our activities are focused on obtaining the highest quality for the finished product – the quality that fans of Silent Hill 2 deserve. We are aware that players are waiting for more information about Silent Hill 2. As soon as such information becomes available, we are sure that Konami, the publisher for the game, will share it with fans.”

So, no solid announcement yet of Silent Hill Remake release date yet. We will have to wait on the official statement from the developers for now.