Possible New Silent Hill Images Leaks and Quickly Got Deleted

Did Konami just confirm this after claiming it for copyright?

New leaked images suspected to be from a new Silent Hill game shared online only to be deleted a few minutes later by the “copyright holder,” which only made everyone more suspicious.

Well-known Twitter user and leaker Dusk Golem recently shared images on their personal account and then it was quickly removed and their account got locked. It was so swift and shocking that everyone that saw the images earlier became suspicious of this move. Dusk Golem then reported back at popular forum site ResetEra to confirm that their images got copyright claimed by Silent Hill franchise owner, Konami.

Why did you quickly copyright claim this Konami? Suspicious.

The other users on ResetEra believe that Sony Interactive Entertainment and known horror-manga writer and creator Junji Ito are involved in the “project”. The images, seen by Sirus Gaming, look breathtaking and also horrifying at the same time, despite Dusk Golem claiming that these images are a bit dated.

Dusk Golem also mentioned the words Anita, Maya, and SMS Messages for some reason, but some ResetEra users were quick to connect the dots. It was rumored that the cancelled Silent Hills game in the past needed users to sign a waiver before playing because somehow it would interact with your real-world self, according to Twitter user Alanah Pearce. It would send the user emails or text messages as characters from the game. This was not confirmed, but if true, then the Silent Hills game might be connected somehow.

The game that could’ve been a masterpiece.

Dusk Golem confirms they have more proof to show if they did not get DMCAd. Unfortunately, we might not get the chance to see them now, but this could have just proved that this new Silent Hill game is real. They also revealed that this is not the only Silent Hill project Konami is working on right now.

Is this the reason why Konami has gone totally silent for a long time? Are they actually working on more Silent Hill games and they were going to announce them soon? We’ll let you know when we get more information about this.