Sirus Gaming PH’s New PC Review Rating System

The PC platform is where all the challenges lies for developers since there are a lot of different combinations of system hardware on PC ranging from AMD, Intel, and Nvidia products. With the recent news about the highly-anticipated Batman Arkham Knight having performance issues on the PC port, does the game really deserves to have a mediocre score just because the port was bad? Well, for us, the game should be rated based on the overall experience after all patches are done until we can see that the game itself cannot be fixed just like Assassin’s Creed III; but for consumers, they want to have the final product to be as smooth as possible and perfect at most especially in performance. We can’t blame them for expecting too much from the game especially when all videos shown in YouTube and E3 Demos shows “smooth” gameplay and runs at 60 frames per second. According to the Funhaus team podcast, PC games are not “perfect” on its first release day. The complexity of the PC platform can be a lot of struggle especially for developers when there are thousands… or even almost a million combinations of PC systems.

Now, moving forward, our editorial staff in Sirus Gaming will change our review and scoring system for PC games. We want to deliver you, our readers, the real score of what the game should really have and deserves on PC. There is a recent post in Reddit where an employee from Corsair posted that we should need to have a new rating system for PC games. With the popular demand from the PC Master Race (PCMR) community, Reddit user and Corsair Employee BallisticGEORGE, officially made the new PCMR rating system:




Our editorial staff will follow the PCMR rating system made by BallisticGEORGE and we will also have our own verdicts if the game deserves a “Glorious” or “Peasantry” rate. This will be applied in our future reviews and will only be on our PC review section.

Stay tuned for updates on our final verdict categories!

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We would like to thank Reddit user and Corsair Employee, BallisticGEORGE, for this awesome rating system. Also, I personally would like to thank Computer Enthusiast & Builders United Member, Jude Logarta, for tagging me on your post.