Skull and Bones Finally Reaches Alpha After Eight Years of Hardships and Trials

Eight long years with so many changes to the game company and the title.

After eight long years since its very first announcement, Skull and Bones is finally at the alpha stage.

It was reported by media outlet Kotaku that the game is now at the alpha stage. This is a stage where it is now at a playable state even if the assets are not complete yet. The report, however, says that it has been riddled with so much problems before it came to this stage and the trials it had to undergo like starting off as an Assassin’s Creed Black Flag expansion to now as a standalone due to a deal with the Singapore government. For some reason.

A Ubisoft representative shared this statement with Kotaku:

The Skull & Bones team are proud of the work they’ve accomplished on the project since their last update with production just passing Alpha, and are excited to share more details when the time is right.

According to the media outlet’s sources, it has been prototyped in multiple settings like the Caribbean (a common choice), the Indian Ocean, and even a fantasy world called Hyperborea, which was weird. It also had so many gameplay structures from ship-based multiplayer shooter (E3 2017), PvE gameplay (E3 2018), survival-like gameplay, roguelike elements, and live service features (but of course). There was even a concept where there would be a floating base, but then it changed from being a pirate game to just controlling the boat. With the Alpha now ready, it seems they already have solidified what it should be.

With this multiple changes in concept and gameplay, it was reported that hundreds of employees have worked with this project and have come and go. The estimated production cost has already surpassed $120 million. The game would have been cancelled by any other publisher, but due to a special deal between Ubisoft and the Singaporean government, it has forced the project to stay alive. Ubisoft Singapore will be required to launched original games in the coming years in return.

What a long journey it has been for Skull and Bones.

Thanks IGN!