Skyrim Anniversary Edition Brings the Fandom to Next-Gen Platforms with New Features

Now has fishing and 500 more mods added.

Somehow, game company Bethesda has found a way once again to bring our favorite Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim to new platforms, this time on next-gen ones and now reborn with a new name, Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

The whole gaming community, young and old, might have already recognized this particular title from the Elder Scrolls series as it has been ported for so many times already. It all started on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC and then it was re-released on the PS4, Xbox One as the Remastered version called The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition and THEN it was made to be played on the go, on the Nintendo Switch. The PC version got updated, time and time again as generations went by.

skyrim anniversary edition
The skies of Skyrim are alit! Another port is born!

There was even a parody of how many times Skyrim was ported around, which was called Skyrim: Very Special Edition during E3 2018. It featured a hilarious skit where the game was playable on Etch A Sketch, Motorola Pagers, and Samsung smart refrigerators. There was Alexa version, but it was actually a legitimate version of the game that was developed by Bethesda at that time.

Now, Bethesda has announced the Skyrim Anniversary Edition, a celebration of its 10th anniversary. It will be released on November 11, 2021 and surprisingly it will be on next gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Old-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One will also get this version with the PC and what luck, a free upgrade for those who want to play it on the next-gen console systems.

As Bethesda calls it, the MOST DEFINITIVE version of the game. So, why it is called as such? Simply because it will include the base game, all three expansions, and a huge amount of Creation Club content aka mods. By how much you ask? More or less 500 pieces of those.

The additional content is actually meaningful as it brings so much into the game like new spells, weapons, quests, and bosses. It even adds a whole new feature, the ability to fish. It will also add survival mode, a new quest series called Saints and Seducers and a lot more.

Fans who already have the previous Skyrim Special Edition will be able to get three Creation Club contents like survival mode, the ability to catch fish, and the quests called Saints and Seducers. They can also opt for upgrading to the next-gen versions and that includes the one they got on Game Pass on the day the anniversary version gets released. Here is the catch though: the upgrade for Anniversary Edition needs to be paid, unfortunately. It does unlock all 500 mods for the players.

Catch the Skyrim Anniversary Edition on November 11, 2021 for numerous platforms. Also, a little tidbit from Twitter user Jawmuncher. She says that Skyrim now holds the highest re-releases of all time with 12 of them. Second only to that is Resident Evil 4, which had 11.

What a time to be alive.