SMITE Yu Huang Trailer Revealed with Official Release Date April 2022

The first Chinese deity in two years!

Titan Forge Games has recently released the newest SMITE Yu Huang trailer and its official release date.

The latest Yu Huang trailer has arrived and it features the new Chinese God that will be added to the popular MOBA later this month. This is also the first Chinese deity in the game in two years. Check out his official description below:

In the Chinese pantheon, Yu Huang is the famed vanquisher of the greatest demon king there ever was. In the aftermath of that mythical battle, he ascended to his throne and to divinity, thus becoming the Jade Emperor. Yu Huang’s reign is one of wisdom and enlightenment – and it is about to begin in SMITE.

On the Battleground of the Gods, Yu Huang will be the master of a pearl dragon, which he can summon during battles to fight by his side. After spending several millennia cultivating his Dao, Yu Huang has reached the state of attunement and now uses it as another source of tremendous power.

Yu Huang will be available in SMITE this coming April 19, 2022.

SMITE is now available on PS4, Nintendo switch, Xbox One, and PC.