Song of Horror Deluxe Boxed Edition Release Date Announced

Game company Meridiem Games has officially confirmed that the PlayStation 4 version of acclaimed horror game Song of Horror will be launched as a boxed Deluxe Edition next month.

The boxed Deluxe Edition of the game will be released on July 20, 2021.

song of horror

A must have for any horror fan, this boxed Deluxe Edition will be available across European and Australian specialist stores and will include a special artwork sleeve, a map where players can note clues they find during the game and a character guide, explaining their abilities and relationship to the story.

About Song of Horror

Song of Horror is a cinematic third-person horror adventure focusing on a terrifying narrative inspired by the literary works of Poe, Lovecraft and M.R. James. 

Famed writer Sebastian P. Husher has gone missing, along with his entire family. His editor, worried by the loss of contact, sends an assistant to Husher’s home to check on his well-being. He never returns. These disappearances spark a series of terrifying events, revealing a dark entity known only as The Presence that seems to be at the centre of the horror that unfolds.


Song of Horror is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Press Release

Here’s the new trailer: