Sonic Frontiers Countermeasures Prevent Motion Sickness Says Devs

No more nauseous gameplay.

The developers of the video game Sonic Frontiers have actually made countermeasures to make sure players will not experience motion sickness while playing.

Sonic is super fast in gameplay and if it was just left to his devices, it might make some fans too queasy while playing. There are many individuals out there that experience nausea if their eyes could not keep up with the speeds. Good thing the developers have made preparations.

Producer Sachiko Kawamura spoke with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu (translated by Siliconera) talking about the importance to prevent players from experiencing motion sickness. They wanted their fans to enjoy their game so they had to make countermeasures.

“I can only thank the Q&A team that tested the game. However, some of them were unable to play the game due to 3D motion sickness… I thought it would be a shame if countermeasures were not taken, so this is something that we decided to take very seriously… In the end, we prepared a lot of countermeasures to reduce the amount of 3D motion sickness,” said Kawamura.

The interview did not specify which countermeasure the developers made, but it is good that they made it for the fans.

Our Sirus Gaming resident reviewer rated it 8.5 saying “Overall, Sonic Frontiers was a great experience that was only held back by the minor, but workable camera control jank.”

sonic frontiers

Sonic Frontiers is out now on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.