Sonic Frontiers First Free Major DLC Launching Within this Week

First of the three are finally launching soon!

SEGA has recently notified players online that the next free major DLC for Sonic Frontiers is launching later this week.

The upcoming DLC for Sonic Frontiers, “Sights, Sounds, and Speed Update” will be launching on March 23, 2023 for all platforms. While the email that was sent to all players who have owned the game did not share any specific details, SEGA has already shared them previously with a content roadmap for 2023.  

According to the roadmap, the first update will include a Photo mode, a Jukebox, and new Challenge modes. It really symbolizes the words in the update, which are in order: Sights, Sounds, and Speed.

“The first of three free content updates for Sonic Frontiers is coming 23rd March,” says the email. “With newly added features and modes, it’s time to experience the Sights, Sounds, and Speed of the Starfall Islands.”

The next free DLC includes Sonic’s Birthday, Open Zone Challenge mode, and new Koco characters. The last one in the roadmap is a DLC that will introduce new playable characters and new story content.

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Sonic Frontiers is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.