Sons of the Forest Ending Explained: How to get Good, Bad & True Ending

Learn all the different endings of Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Endings cover

Sons of the Forest just recently got released, but for those who are eager to just learn more about what happens in the game’s story so far without having to try and survive the deadly island, we’ve got you covered. Read ahead as we go through the different endings in Sons of the Forest and explain how to unlock them.

But before we go through all Sons of the Forest endings, it is best to remember that the game is still in its early access period. Like with the previous game, The Forest, it is possible that the endings that are present in the game right now are just placeholders and may get changed in the full release of the game.

Sons of the Forest Brief Story Recap

The story begins when a group of armed rescuers are sent to a mysterious island to rescue a billionaire and his family known as the Pufftons. Their helicopter gets shot down and crashed with only a few rescuers who managed to survive, one of which is you as the player.

You then have to survive in the island full of cannibals and demons and find a way to get back to safety, but you’ll stumble across some bunkers and facilities that hold secrets pointing to a mysterious artifact.

Along the way, you’ll meet other companions, especially one who appears to be Timmy, the same kid from The Forest who has grown up now. He appears to be knowledgeable about the artifact dubbed as the “Cube”. Timmy also helps you understand that another cycle is coming and that going inside the Cube will help you avoid the fate of becoming a mutant.

As you stay inside the cube, strange occurrences happen, including Timmy splitting into several version of himself before reconverging to one, and seeing what appears to be an advanced civilization from an alternate dimension.

As the cycle passes, you then get out of the Cube and head out to the beach where a rescue chopper with who appears to be Eric, the protagonist of The Forest, comes in to rescue you. It is at this point where you can choose which ending you would like to go for.

Sons of the Forest Good Ending

If you decide to come with Timmy and Eric on the chopper, you’ll then be rescued out of the island and the credits will roll. Sure, you did not manage to rescue as single one of the Pufftons, but you are still alive and back in civilization where you are safe. If you still have Kelvin alive at this point, he will also ride the chopper with you.

You will also get the Fought Demons achievement for picking this ending.

Sons of the Forest Bad Ending

If you decide to not join Timmy and Eric, you have the option to pick up a survival bag which can be found not far away from the chopper. Timmy and Eric will then leave the island without you assuming that you have made the decision to stay on the island. If you have Kelvin alive at this point, he will also stay with you on the island.

For what reason, you may ask? Who knows? Maybe something else will be added in the full release of the game to make this decision make sense, or this ending might just get scrapped out entirely. But for now, staying in a cursed island with mutants, demons, and a strange phenomena that can turn you into a mutant yourself, that’s definitely not a good ending.

You will also get the Fight Demons achievement for picking this ending.

Sons of the Forest True Ending

Getting the true ending of Sons of the Forest will require you to befriend Virginia, the three-armed and three-legged mutant who is also one of the Pufftons that you were sent to rescue. Successfully befriending her before entering the Cube will cause her to also follow you into the cube before it closes.

As the cycle passes through, Virginia hopes that she turns back to normal, but when she find out that her extra appendages are still present, she passes out in your arms. You then get to the rescue chopper at the beach. You can still decide whether or not to ride the chopper. If you do choose to get rescued, Virginia will also ride the chopper; back to safety and at least one out of the three Pufftons saved. If you decide to stay in the island, Virginia will also stay on the island with you.

There have been reports that despite being able to make Virginia as your companion, she does not appear inside the cube and therefore the scene with her at the chopper will not get triggered. This is possibly a bug, so it’s best to make a save file first before entering the cave where the Cube is so that you can reload the save file and try to trigger the scene again.

Check out this video by HappyCairek explaining the endings of Sons of the Forest:

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