Sony About to Acquire Another Major Third-Party Studio: Fact or Another Baseless Rumor?

It's highly likely possible, but will it really happen though? A new report clarifies on this.

A new rumor coming from a well-known leaker claims that Sony might be acquiring yet another major third-party studio soon.

Sony Rumored Already in Talks to Acquiring Major Third-Party Studio

After recent talks by Sony CEO Jim Ryan about their plans to acquire more third-party studios, a new rumor has appeared online claiming the company has begun doing that. The rumor states that SIE is now in talks and is about to acquire one of the biggest and most controversial studios to date: CD Projekt RED. Known for its big hits like The Witcher 3, and the most controversial release of Cyberpunk 2077, it seems SIE is “wooing” the studio for now.

Liz, a well-known Destiny leaker, was the one to spill the beans last weekend. They claim that they heard this from the grapevine and it has a large possibility of happening. Of course, this got the gaming community talking right away, sparking debates about whether this would be possible.

Big Chance of Happening

This has not been the first time that SIE was rumored to be buying CDPR. Way back in March 2023, some sources claimed that the acquisition had already happened, but after a few months, no announcement happened so that was false. Now, a new rumor has appeared and many are in doubt.

Representative Tells the Truth

Those rumors are now being quashed as a new statement from a CDPR representative clarified this rumor. Twitter user @LastKnownMeal has recently shared an opinion on their account stating that the acquisition might be possible, but it is not going to happen. They even mentioned that this was the tenth time the same rumor has appeared online. CDPR representative Ola Sondej replied to the post saying, “Yah, we’re not in such talks with Sony.”

Besides, if CDPR would give hints of its unlikely demise, its shares on the stock market would get affected quickly. So yes, it is not happening.

Xbox and PlayStation’s Long History of Heated Competition

We know that Sony has been trying to catch up with Xbox’s acquisition spree for a while now, and CDPR has always been a “tasty” studio ready to be gobbled up. It would make them look desperate but the one on top in the acquisition scene has always been Xbox so it would make sense Sony would do the same. From the recent posts from CDPR, it seems the company is standing firm and does not want to depend on big companies for help. After announcing its multiple projects focusing on the Witcher franchise, we say CDPR can handle its own.