Sony Breaks Console Shipping Record as PS5 Sales Reaches New Milestone

PS5 sales are not stopping anytime soon!

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently announced that it has now broken the console shipping record after PS5 sales reached a new milestone in the first three months of the year.

It was recently reported that SIE has now shipped a record 6.3 million PS5 consoles during the first quarter of 2023. It has now shipped 38.3 million consoles to date.

This new record actually doubles the PS4’s all-time peak for the same window. It is also more than triple what the PS5 originally shipped during the times when supplies were limited due to COVID and the shortage of materials.

When the PS4 was in its first three months, it had shipped three million consoles. This was between January and March 2014.

The PS5 console shipments reached 19.1 million during Sony’s Fiscal Year 2022 and actually cleared its goal of 19 million for the fiscal year. These numbers were so unrealistic a few months ago, but it was achieved.

The PS4 had shipped over 40 million console units during the same period of its lifecyle, but the PS5 is just catching up with 38.3 million units. It will overcome these numbers soon since it had already reached these numbers earlier than expected.

SIE is now hopeful that the PS5 will now ship 25 million consoles during the current fiscal year which will end on March 31, 2024. It hopes that it will finally break the record for PlayStation consoles.

CFO Hiroki Totoki said on an earnings call recently that if the company could achieve those numbers, it would be their highest level ever.