Sony Confirms Two Major Data Breaches

There were two incidents of hacking, but its not the recent one that happened allegedly.

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Sony has recently confirmed that it had suffered two major data breaches in its systems that happened over the past couple of months.

Sony finally confirmed that two security breaches involving its online servers did happen earlier this year. This has resulted in some personal information of certain individuals getting exposed as a result. Last month, one ransomware group claimed to have done the same and attempted to ransom Sony for the information, but was rejected. This seems to be not the case, instead there were two of them before this new alleged breach happened.

It was in an official document sent by Sony and was acquired by media outlet BleepingComputer that confirmed these hacks. It had suffered two major data breaches earlier this year with the first one happening on May 28, 2023 which was just three days before a zero-day vulnerability in the MOVEit Transfer platform was discovered. This allowed Clop ransomware users to acquire Sony’s code remotely and then led to personal information of 6,791 people in the US being compromised. It was discovered on June 2, 2023 which started an investigation by Sony with the help of external cybersecurity experts and law enforcement. The incident only involved one particular software platform.

The second breach happened last month revealing up to 3.14GB of data was stolen from its online systems. There were two hackers that claim to be responsible for this attack. One of them revealed a leaked dataset containing information for the SonarQube platform, certificates, Creators Cloud, incident response policies, a device emulator for generating licenses, and other details. Experts discovered that this happened on one single Japanese server used for internal testing for Sony’s Entertainment, Technology, and Services business. This got taken offline while investigations continued.

Sony assures customers and business partners that no personal data was comprised.