Sony Interactive Entertainment Just Backtracked on PS3 and PS Vita Operations

PlayStation Communities

Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan has recently announced a very joyful news for the gaming community today.


Ryan recently announced today on the PlayStation Blog that SIE is backtracking its decision on ending its support on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita devices. The company has realized that they made the wrong decision and will let operations continue for both devices. Unfortunately, PSP will still continue its retirement on July 2.

Well, that’s better news than losing all three altogether.

According to the CEO, he revealed that the decision for end purchasing support for those two devices was due to many factors like challenges for commerce support. They thought it would be difficult in the future. They also admitted that they wanted to focus more on newer devices now since more of their audience are playing there. Since everyone was buying classic games left and right, they might have changed their minds after seeing the reaction and “found a way to continue operations.”

Ryan thanked the gaming community for the continued support and for the feedback they gave. Hopefully the support for both devices will still go on in more years to come.

Source: PlayStation Blog