Sony Might Take Advantage Of Microtransactions In The Future

Recently at Sony’s quarterly financial conference call for investors, the company giant discussed about the future of the PlayStation. The company giant has started to see the benefits through their Network Services with an active user base.

Atsuko Murakami, the Finance and Corporate Executive over at Sony, explained how PlayStation Plus will be made to attract more users in to take advantage of the service, and the company has currently been implementing things to achieve that goal.

Aside from that, the Chief Financial Officer, Kenichiro Yoshida, mentioned that the focus will be more on maintaining and expanding their user base over hardware. Does this mean Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 might be less powerful or on-par with Microsoft’s Xbox One X? We will know soon enough.

Furthermore, Yoshida tackled microtransactions in his discussion and how the portion of their sales have significantly increased. With the new CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, John Kodera, the company is expecting results under this new leadership; and while Sony’s titles have never implemented or took advantage of “microtransactions” this might change in the future with Kodera sitting on the throne.