Is Sony Open to Bringing PlayStation VR to PCs?

NeoGAF, formerly known as the Gaming-Age Forums, the internet forum that discusses video games, went trending yesterday because of a thread suggesting that Sony might be open to bringing PlayStation VR to PCs.


According to the translation, “But PlayStation VR is not just a Playstation 4 peripheral. While Ito warned that “nothing will happen right away,” he revealed that Sony was considering plans to enable the use of Playstation VR through connection with PCs in the future. “Since Playstation 4 shares a lot of its internals with PCs, the possibility is there. At the moment we are focused on games and we are not ready to make any announcements at this stage, but I’d say there will be an expansion into various fields.

This was based on a report from Nikkei Asian Review, an Asian business publication, on an interview with Sony Computer Entertainment’s Executive Vice President, Masayasu Ito. The interview was conducted by¬†Tadashi Nezu, and it was about the price and release date of the PSVR as well as future strategies for the Head-mounted display. If you check out the published interview, it never indicated an affirmation nor a disagreement of the said cause.


What we know as of now is that Sony is focused into developing games for its new technologies, and whether or not in the future will PSVR be made available to another platform such as the PC, it would depend entirely on the market’s response to the product and Sony’s support for consumerism. It may take a while considering that this piece of equipment is luxuriously expensive, but it’s also a given fact that if it is made available in PC, it could greatly enhance the value of the PSVR and increase sales. If it will push through, then it will be great news, but only time can tell.

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