Sony Provides Statement About PlayStation Cross-Play Controversy

Sony Interactive America president and CEO Shawn Layden recently gave a statement during a Gamelab conference in Spain about the Fortnite PlayStation Cross-Play controversy.

Sony explains their side

After the release of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, the game company made their hardline stance on the cross-play feature. They came under fire again after they effectively blocked players from using their accounts linked to their PS4s on other platforms. This new statement from Layden might change that in the future.

A game publication asked the CEO about their controversial cross-play policy and whether they will change that in the future. Layden said that they have listened to the pleas of the gamers and they are looking at a lot of possibilities. He is confident that they will get a solution that will be understood and accepted by the gaming community, while at the same time that will support their business.

Promising statement

This is a big opportunity for the gaming company to turn things around compared to their sad response earlier this month. They have not given any clear explanation on why they are so hesitant with allowing cross-play for their system. Former developer for the company John Smedley said that it ultimately comes down to money.

Smedley shared that the company’s stated reason internally was about the money. They did not like someone buying something on an Xbox and used on a PlayStation.

The game company’s policy also affects other video games as well. PlayStation 4 versions of Minecraft and Rocket League will not allow players to have cross-play with other platforms either, but their counterparts, Xbox One, and Switch are able to do so.

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