Sony’s Strategy of Not Making PlayStation Exclusives Free with PS Plus is Working

If it works, no need to change it.

According to Sony Interactive Entertainment, its strategy of not making PS4 and PS5 exclusives free with PS Plus is actually working.

Sony vs. Microsoft’s Strategy on Exclusivity

Xbox has been making its exclusives and popular titles available for free with Xbox Game Pass, which is quite an advantage for subscribers and fans of Xbox consoles. It does have its drawbacks, but so far, it has been working for them. SIE has been doing the opposite: they are not releasing their big exclusives as free titles for PS Plus subscribers, but it seems it has been doing well for them.

Sony: We’re Winning

Sony’s Head of Subscriptions Nick Maguire spoke recently with Games Industry about its stance on exclusivity. “We’re happy with our strategy. Putting games in a bit later in the life cycle has meant that we can reach more customers 12, 18, 24 months after they have released. We’re seeing customers still get excited about those games and jumping in. For us, that’s working. Occasionally, there will be an opportunity to invest in a day-and-date like Stray and we will jump on those when they come in. But for us, letting those [first-party] games go out to the platform outside the service first, that’s working and that will continue to be our strategy moving forward.”

No Changes Coz It Works

Based on Maguire’s answer, Sony will not be budging with its PS5 exclusives. It will continue to be free and not follow Xbox’s example. Its loyal users will still enjoy the large traditional launches and then later on will it be available for the membership model. It has worked for them, why should they change it in anytime soon?