SOZO And Eliphant Partner Up To Bring Bigger Events In South East Asia!

Southeast Asia is beginning to host more and more conventions for cosplay and gaming alike. Last year, Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch hosted the first ever PlayStation Experience in the region. Now, SOZO, the organizer of Anime Festival Asia (also known as AFA), and Eliphant, the people behind one of the biggest gaming conventions GameStart, have announced that they will further strengthen the existing events to create better conventions.

This year, GameStart will also be held in Indonesia for the first time and it’s going to be the first regional GameStart event. SOZO is hoping to promote gaming content as part of AFA.

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“Southeast Asia emerges as one of the fastest growing markets for gaming and content. We recognized that both AFA and GameStart audiences have diverse interests in both gaming and anime. With our partnership, we hope to work closely to bring even more exhilarating content and holistic experiences to both fanbases across the regions.” – Shawn Chin, Managing Director of SOZO and founder of Anime Festival Asia.

“We are extremely excited to be able to bring our event to various regions, with the support of our partners. We are determined to support the regional gaming industry, especially in eSports and game development. We are positive that our partnership will provide more events and enable us to bring awesome content to both gamers and anime fans.” – Elicia Lee, founder of GameStart and CEO of Eliphant¬†Pte Ltd.

Both giant organizers have perfectly planned this year for events that both of their attendees will definitely appreciate and love. We can’t wait for GameStart this year.

GameStart will be held at Singapore on October 13 to October 14. As for GameStart Indonesia, this is still going to be announced really soon, so stay tuned!