Square Enix Making Steady Progress On Next-Generation Games

Game company Square Enix recently revealed in its annual new year’s letter that it is making steady progress on development of its next generation console video games.

Square Enix on next-gen games

The game company revealed that they are making steady progress on development of its next-gen titles. It also revealed that it has taking interest in developing games that are built exclusively for cloud gaming.

President and representative director Yosuke Matsuda stated that the competitive landscape will be changed going forward. He is optimistic that the cloud gaming will make changes as 5G takes off in markets where traditional consoles failed to make a significant impact.

Matsuda said:

We are not only making steady progress on developing next-generation console titles, but also actively readying ourselves to support cloud gaming, which we expect to take off with the advent of 5G. The arrival of streaming as a new distribution platform will not only further accelerate the transition from the traditional disk-based sales model to digital sales, but could also drive significant change in business models themselves via the adoption of subscription models, for example.

We are especially hopeful about the major potential cloud streaming services possess to expand markets in growing regions such as India and South America, where there has not been significant adoption of traditional game consoles. As telecommunications infrastructure improves, cloud streaming will directly provide customers in such markets with playing environments that eliminate the need for traditional consoles or PCs. From a game development perspective as well, we will strive to create gaming experiences only possible in the cloud, meaning developing cloud-native or cloud-centric games.

Source: Square Enix via PlayStationLifestyle