More Square Enix Game Remakes In The Works by Forever Entertainment

Polish studio Forever Entertainment has signed an agreement with game company Square Enix for remakes of several games possibly of the same brand that the latter owns.

A report from media outlet Biznes claims that Forever Entertainment has signed an agreement with Square Enix. The agreement entails that they are to work on several of the publisher’s games and will release them as remakes. It is currently a mystery which particular games they are talking about. Some speculate it will be titles from the Final Fantasy series.

The report states that these new projects will feature a new graphic design. The gameplay and scenario elements will stay intact. For sure it will not be as big as Final Fantasy VII Remake, but it should be something quite good.

For their efforts, Forever Entertainment will be earning over 50 percent of the game revenue generated across all platforms for the remakes they develop. They will have front the developments costs.

This particular Polish studio has worked on the recent Panzer Dragoon remaster on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Biznes via VG247