Square Enix Plans to Invest Further in Blockchain Projects and NFTs

They also owe Final Fantasy XIV for their rise in income.

Game publisher Square Enix recently shared its earnings report for fiscal year 2022 and its plans for the future which involves NFTs and Blockchain projects.

The earnings report was for the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2022. While nothing else was of note during the presentation, there was one part of it that stood out. There has been a rise in income and that is largely thanks to its very popular MMORG Final Fantasy XIV. It was revealed that the net sales and operating income within that sector has increase year on year and this is all thanks to the MMORPG. The game company specifically notes that it was due to the big launch of Endwalker expansion.

After that part of the report, Square Enix shared their plans for the future and that involved heavily investing on NFTs and blockchain. Fans are quite alarmed of this change, but it seems Square Enix is quite excited to join this bandwagon. The president has actually shared his great interest in this and how blockchain could work within gaming.

There are speculations though that Square Enix’s idea of NFTs will not be just like cryptocurrency. The speculation says that it would be more of a project focused more on mobile. It would just like gacha units, one fan says, and the company would track the value of that unit and its exchange in the market. It would be a unit that is truly yours.

The earnings report also mentions that the game company is going to strengthen its IP ecosystem. Some fans found that ironic since Square Enix has sold some of western studios and franchise to the Embracer Group.

It will be interesting to know what Square Enix is truly planning with their investment in NFTs and how it will change their games in the future.