Unboxing the Starfield Constellation Edition

Heading into the Starfield with the Constellation Edition!

Today is when we all head to stars and explore the vastness of space, discovering new star systems, biomes, and extraterrestrial life. Bethesda Game Studios’ latest epic, Starfield, takes players into a massive universe with engaging characters in a captivating sci-fi story. Starfield is Xbox and Bethesda’s most anticipated game, and it definitely met our expectations. Be sure to read our Starfield review!

Players should be prepared to take on what’s lurking in the void of space; with that, Bethesda Softworks’ released the Constellation Edition, which packs the impressive Chronomark digital watch featured in the game, to help you with your journey.

Starfield Constellation Edition Unboxing

The Starfield Constellation Edition is a one-of-a-kind collector’s edition. The package comes with only a few things at a hefty price tag of $299.89 USD on the Bethesda Official Gear Store.

In the Starfield Constellation Edition, you get the following:

  • Steelbook Display Case
  • Digital Download Code – Starfield Base Game
  • Credit Stick with Laser-Etched Game Code
  • Premium Edition Content:
    • The Shattered Space – First Story Expansion
    • Constellation Skin Pack DLC
    • Digital Soundtrack
    • Digital Art Book
  • Starfield Chronomark Watch
  • Constellation Watch Case

After opening the package, you will see the steelbook, which holds the credit stick inside. The steelbook, however, doesn’t have a disc holder. I would have preferred that the steelbook case include a disc holder since I will most likely get the standard physical disc edition of the game soon.

Just below the steelbook case, you get to see the robust Constellation Chronomark case! It’s well-built and protects the Chronomark digital watch and the Constellation patch. The level of detail of the Chronomark case is impressive. You have to pull and twist the front latch that unlocks the case.

Here are some photos of what’s inside the Constellation Chronomark case:

The Chronomark digital watch is a stunning device. The watch comes with a rubber strap; however, if you do not prefer the rubber strap, the Constellation Edition also packs a NATO strap if you ever want to swap it. Before using the Chronomark, you must first charge and update the watch’s firmware via the app from your mobile device (it can be on iOS or Android).

The watch has some useful features, such as the Sensor Graphs that shows the magnetometer, temperature, barometer, and accelerometer; you can also control your music player from the Chronomark if you’re connected to your phone’s Bluetooth. One of the most remarkable features is the Moon Phase. This tells you the moon’s distance in kilometers, plus it also shows you the moon’s phase. The screenshot above shows that the moon’s phase tonight will be a third quarter.

The Starfield Constellation Edition might be expensive, but it’s worth every penny. I can see myself wearing the watch while playing Starfield.

Starfield is now available on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and on Xbox Game Pass.