Starfield New Leaks Reveal Factions and Ship Customizations

A few leaks have recently surfaced online and it reveals that upcoming game Starfield might have some factions and ship customizations.

In the first leaked batch of images, it was revealed that there are five different factions that might offer the players a chance to join them. According to the Reddit user, the five factions are:

  • SNA – Major faction in the game
  • Axion Energy – Company selling and producing energy
  • Kreet World Base – a station
  • BlackFleet – Some kind of space pirate
  • TEC – manufacturer in space

Note that the details are kind of sparse right now and all the clues that everyone could find are in the images.

Another leaked images of the same ship that have different color schemes. It seems the ships’ colors could be changed. There was also that survey last time that Bethesda put up about ship customization so that could be a hint.

Again, take these with a grain of salt for now and Bethesda has not confirmed this. Starfield will launch on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. No details yet on when it will be released.

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