Starfield Physical Version Will Not Include Disc Says Bethesda (Update)

The post has been removed and Bethesda has not officially confirmed it.

Update: Bethesda confirms that Starfield physical standard edition will have a disc while the Constellation Edition will only have a code.

Original article below:

A new online post claims that Starfield physical editions will not have a disc, but it has been removed lately.

It has become a popular trend that gaming companies will opt for digital copies of their games rather than physical versions. There are advantages of getting a digital version of the game, which are saving physical space, getting bonuses that physical copies do not have, and loading sequences will be faster since there is no disc to load. Unfortunately, that also poses some problems like eating up console storage space.

Starfield Physical Version Will Not Include a Disc

According to a recent post on the Bethesda Twitter account, it was revealed Starfield physical editions would not include a disc. Instead, it will have a code inside the case allowing customers to download the game. The post has been deleted for some reason.

Other Account Says Otherwise

It is interesting that the official Twitter account of Bethesda Spain has said the opposite. According to the account, the Standard Edition will have physical discs while the Constellation Edition not include them. The code will be engraved on a collector’s item.

Bethesda has not made any statement to confirm or deny these claims yet.

Starfield launches on September 6, 2023 on PC, and Xbox Series X/S.