State Of Decay 2 Features New Gameplay Trailer To Celebrate PAX East

State of Decay 2 gameplay

Game developer Undead Labs recently revealed a new trailer for upcoming zombie survival game State of Decay 2. This was to celebrate PAX East.

State of Decay 2 new trailer features gameplay

The new trailer for the upcoming sequel to the survival zombie game looks rather simple, but it showcased gameplay. This included driving, customization of vehicles, exploration, and blowing off zombie heads.

Homestead management was featured, which featured how the survivors would maintain it for a whole night until the zombie hordes would pass. Stealth elements were introduced in the trailer as well, which can be a big advantage against a lot of zombie crowds.

State of Decay 2 will be released on Xbox One and PC on May 22.

Check out the gameplay trailer below:


Official website here.

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