Steam Breaks All Time Record of Concurrent Players Twice

Two big milestones happening back to back!

The PC platform Steam has again broken its all-time record of concurrent players and it did it twice just recently.

Earlier this year, Steam gained a big milestone of having a lot of concurrent players, 25 million of them in fact, which was a big feat for Valve. What they did not expect was breaking that milestone again, happening on the same year, and did it twice.

It was revealed just a few days ago that Steam has gained 27,100,000 concurrent players last Saturday, November 27, 2021. Due to the ongoing Autumn Sale and the fact it was just after Black Friday, many gamers have been visiting Steam to buy the cheapest games and add-ons for them.

After that day, on Sunday, November 28, 2021, Steam has yet again gained more players compared to the day before that. It gained more than 27,300,000 concurrent players. It would be awesome if it broke the record thrice in a row since November 29, 2021 is Cyber Monday Sale. As of writing, Steam DB reports it is only more than 24 million strong.

The reality of it all though is not all players were in-game. About 7.8 million were playing while the rest were chatting, idling, or just shopping for games. Still, a big feat for Valve for this year.

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