Steam Deck Delayed by Two Months Due to Component Shortages

Another one gets added to the February 2022 list.

Steam Deck delayed by a few months has officially been confirmed by Valve and shares the reason for it in a new statement.

Valve was quick to post on the official website that the launch of the most-anticipated handheld PC has been delayed to February 2022. They apologized for the delay and revealed that they really were working on ways to make the initial shipping date work, but there have been so many global supply chain issues and then there was the material shortages.

The game company stated the components for manufacturing the Steam Deck were not shipped on time and that resulted in not meeting with their initial launch dates. They have made the decision to move the shipping date by two months, which is now February 2022. This is based on their build estimates. This will also be the start date of the reservation queue. All of the reservation holders will still keep their place in line, but the dates will now be shifted back accordingly. The dates for the reservation will also be updated later on in a new announcement.

Valve apologized for the delay and will keep everyone updated if there will be changes along the way.

Steam Deck will now launch in February 2022.

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