Steam Deck Reservations Sold Out After Less Than an Hour Since It Went Live

And it just took less than an hour since it went live.

New reports revealed that the newest hot-item this month, the PC handheld Steam Deck, has already sold out.

Some frustrated buyers went to Twitter to complain that the upcoming hot-item’s reservation has already sold out in just less than an hour since it went live. Others were not so lucky as the website servers had issues thus they were unable to procure a reservation.

PCmag Tech Reporter Michael Kan was one of the unfortunate people who could not make a reservation. He revealed that the expected order availability is now set for Q1 2022. Another Twitter user revealed that it is now Q2 2022 in the UK.

SteamDB Creator Pavel Djundik found out the numbers of the reservation queue sizes. Check them out below:

NA 512gb: 55k

NA 256gb: 28k

EU 512gb: 9.6k

EU 256gb: 5k

UK 512gb: 7k

It will now be difficult to reserve a Steam Deck this time around. Hopefully other countries will get their chance to reserve for one soon.