Steam Deck Users Warned by Valve Not to Meddle with Device

Designer is asking owners not to make changes to the hardware.

The designer of Steam Deck has now spoken up in regards to some users planning to mod their devices for better specs.

There have been some articles sharing details on how to modify the Steam Deck device, especially to increase the Steam Deck’s SSD. Instead of the 2230 form factor SSD that comes with the device, it plans to increase the Steam Deck’s SSD with a 2242 M.2 NVMe SSD.

Valve Designer Lawrence Yang then made a statement to respond to such articles, “Hi, please don’t do this. The charger IC gets very hot and nearby thermal pads should not be moved. In addition, most 2242 m.2 drives draw more power and get hotter than what Deck is designed for.”

Yang then said that even though it will appear to work, it has a consequence for doing so. He states that it will significantly shorten the life of the Steam Deck. In other words, never, ever, make changes to the Steam Deck or else it will cause issues.

The Steam Deck is now available for purchase.