Steam Summer Sale 2017 is Here!

Predicted by many and confirmed by Paypal. The Steam Summer Sale of 2017 has begun! As usual, there are many great deals that go for as low as 90% off. Never have I been more excited to scroll through the Steam store page, and eventually, my wish list. As usual the servers crashed a few times and displayed code errors for those that are punctual, but after a few minutes it got resolved.

For this year, you get another Steam metagame that allows you  to collect colorful stickers that you can paste in the watercolored-style book. Most people I know do not really bother with these, but if you are interested, it is explained thoroughly in the Sticker Book page.

So, what are you waiting for? Go burn some money on games you may or may not play due to the enticing prices that are on display. After all, the sale is only from June 23rd till July 6th (Philippine time). Happy spending!