Steam Winter Sale is Upon Us All


It’s one of those times in the year again where our wallets bleed dry for games that we buy and just play once or sometimes not at all. This wonderful yet also horrible time for us gamers that we long and dread for simultaneously. We just got out of the recent Autumn sale and here we are again, facing yet another sale for the Winter.

If you still don’t know what we’re all talking about (and you happen to bypass reading the title of this article for some strange reasons), we’re referring to the upcoming Steam Winter Sale that is gonna happen any time soon– around 13 hours left since this article got published. This handy countdown timer will help you. So, if you have missed the recent sale, no fret because we have another sale up ahead. Or fret and start panicking if you fear for the sake of your money.

Ready or not, the sale is gonna come. Gaben Claus will be coming to town and he won’t be so discriminating on who’s naughty or who’s nice.