Stray Breaks Records of Annapurna Interactive on Steam

Breaks big records on Steam!

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A new report has revealed that Stray has now broken Annapurna Interactive’s peak player count numbers on Steam.

After its big release yesterday, Stray has now managed to get to the upper ranks up to the 13th slot on Steam’s top 100 list. The game has now peaked at 62,963 concurrent players and even went past Elden Ring’s peak player count by almost a double. It has even surpassed the publisher’s previous player count peak of only 8,021, which comes from popular indie game Twelve Minutes.

With these results, Stray has now become one of the most successful PC launch for Annapurna Interactive so far in its history. A very big success.

Just for comparison, here are the games from Annapurna Interactive Peak concurrent players:

  • Stray – 50,555+
  • Twelve Minutes – 8,021
  • Outer Wilds – 7,936
  • Neon White – 3,277
  • Journey – 1,757

Stray is now available for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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