Stray Hours to Complete Revealed Plus Other Details

Annapurna Interactive is going to host their own showcase too.

Stray Featured Image

Annapurna Interactive has recently revealed the amount of hours to complete upcoming video game Stray plus other details about it.

The game studio recently shared some frequently asked questions and answered them. These were really important facts that any player wants to know before buying or getting Stray on the next month. Here are some of the details.

Annapurna Interactive revealed that players will be able to complete this game in 8 hours and it will be longer if they will be going around getting collectibles all over it. It seems they are really scattered about so it could take a lot of time.

The game can be purchased for only $29.99 USD for digital, but for those who have subscribed to PS Plus Extra and Deluxe/Premium, they can get this for free. There is a physical copy in the works for the PS5 version and it is made by iam8bit.

For a heartbreaking news, fans who are looking forward to customizing the protagonist, Annapurna has made it clear that this will not happen. If she looks like a tabby cat, she will remain as a tabby cat. Maybe post launch?

Speaking of the studio, Annapurna Interactive will be hosting its own showcase this year. They will be making reveals, announcements, and more. Stray will be there so there could be more details when the showcase airs on July 28, 2022 at 12 PM PT/ 3 PM ET.


Stray launches on July 19, 2022 for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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