Stray Still Getting Launched Sometime in 2022

It's still launching this year so no worries.


Game publisher Annapurna Interactive assured fans the cat game Stray is still scheduled for launch this year.

Fans were worried after the recent State of Play concluded since it did not mention any other titles like Stray. It was one of the PS5 games that many gamers were anticipating since the gameplay showcase last time convinced them it was a really good and chill game to play. They were scared the game will be delayed further to next year.

Fear not, Annapurna Interactive has assured everyone in a new post on its official Twitter account that Stray is still launching this year. They did not share a specific release date though, but that assurance was enough.

There is one simple reason why Stray was not shown during the State of Play broadcast. Sony Interactive Entertainment clearly stated the recent broadcast was going to cover only Japanese developers and their games, which meant Stray was never going to be shown. Stray is being developed by a French development team BlueTwelveStudio.

Stray is currently in development for PC, PS4, and PS5.