Street Date Break Strikes Once Again: Horizon Zero Dawn

Street date being broken has been a big trend already. Games such as The Last Guardian, Watch_Dogs 2, and Final Fantasy XV‘s street date gets broken at particular countries — specifically UAE retailers.

Now, Guerilla Games’ upcoming highly-anticipated exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn, gets out from containment. A NeoGaf post from user Musician655321 shows that he got his physical copy of the game:

Image source: NeoGaf

By the looks of the physical copy, the language is on Spanish. We did some further digging on the interwebs, and we saw WCCFTech manages to report that according to another post from NeoGaf member under the username of viHuGi, a Brazilian retailer has started selling copies of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Image Source: NeoGaf

If you’re up for no spoilers, then better stay away from Facebook posts and websites that would likely post screenshots and even details about the game’s story.

Hopefully Sony can manage to prevent spoilers coming out.

Horizon: Zero Dawn launches February 28 in North America and Asia, and March 1 in Europe, exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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