Street Fighter 6 Gets Denuvo DRM Software Just Before Launch

Will it affect the game? We'll know tomorrow.

CAPCOM has quietly added Denuvo DRM software to Street Fighter 6 before it releases.

CAPCOM’s Infamous Denuvor DRM Titles

CAPCOM has been notorious for adding Denuvo DRM to its popular titles in the past. This has happened with Resident Evil Village and other popular titles to prevent titles to get pirated by illegal sites and sharing them for free or sometimes for a price.

Know Your DRM

What is Denuvo DRM Software? It is software that prevents PC games from getting pirated and is usually introduced in triple-A titles made by popular studios. CAPCOM has been doing this lately with its popular and best-selling titles on release day, but usually, they release the Denuvo DRM Software at a later time.

Also, Know Your DRM’s Sins

Unfortunately, Denuvo DRM Software is infamous for its issues, which cause the games’ performance to deteriorate. Players report that it causes their games to slow down and sometimes crash badly with game saves corrupted and more. This is the reason that the gaming community rally and raise their pitchforks whenever developers announce that they are implementing this feature.

Street Fighter 6 PC Stealthily Gets Denuvo

Street Fighter 6’s Steam page was quietly updated on May 30, 2023 without anyone noticing, which was a few days ahead of the game’s release tomorrow. Just like before, the gaming community voiced their concerns over this implementation and was worried that it would lower the game’s performance.

Reviews of the game have been quite good though, but this was before CAPCOM added Denuvo DRM software. When the game launches in a few days on Steam, fans will know how the software affects it.

Street Fighter 6 officially launches on June 2, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.