Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Skullomania Extra Battle Costume Trailer Revealed

Game company CAPCOM has finally added a popular character from the Street Fighter EX title to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, well, in some way.

Skullomania joins SFV: Champion Edition, but not in full. He is just a costume for a character in the current roster, G. Unfortunately, G will still retain the same moveset and will not gain Skullomania’s but at least his likeness is really good as a costume in this skin.

Here’s the video description:

Be the superhero the Earth needs! Turn G into the skeleton-suited superhero, Skullomania with this FIGHTING EX LAYER crossover costume! Unlockable through Street Fighter V Extra Battle beginning Dec 8!

Skullomania costume will be unlockable on December 8. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Here’s the trailer: