Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Akira Gameplay Trailer Showcases Her Powerful Moves

Akira uses the bajiquan martial art and can summon her brother in a tight spot.

Game company CAPCOM has released a new gameplay trailer featuring new fighter Akira Kazama in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.

Akira comes from the popular 3D action fighting game way back in 1997, Rival Schools: United By Fate. She is a master of the bajiquan martial art and also a biker. Her usual movesets are from the default version of her original game, but she can also dish out her Powered form if needed.

While Akira’s moves are familiar to those fans of her original game, her V-Trigger is quite interesting. She summons her brother, Daigo Kazama, in the middle of the fight from above. He then dispenses his aura, which damages enemies and can be connected with Akira’s attacks. Her second V-Trigger allows her to connect different attacks in succession. Her awesome Critical Art summons her brother again in a combined combo attack.

Akira has several costumes to choose from with her biker suit, with a skull helmet, school uniform, her in maid clothes, a swimsuit, and a track suit. There is also the new stage called Rival Riverside.

Akira Kazama is one of the new DLC characters for the Character Pass of Season 5 in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. Akira and Oro will available on August 16, 2021. The game is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC.