Subnautica Launching On PS4 Later This Year; Xbox One Coming Soon

Subnautica monsters in the deep

Game developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment recently announced that popular underwater exploration and survival video game Subnautica is finally surfacing on consoles soon.

Subnautica landing on PS4 first

Unknown Worlds Entertainment announced that their video game will launch on the PlayStation 4 first, but it will be later this year. The studio said that they will be assisted by Panic Button, the ones behind the recent ports like DOOM and Wolfenstein II for the Nintendo Switch. Game publisher Gearbox Publishing will be the ones to handle the physical version of the game with the pre-orders available starting today.

Xbox One version coming along as well

Aside from the PS4 version, Panic Button revealed that they will be working on the Xbox One version. They will accelerate the development on that particular console version. They did not reveal a specific date or window for this version, but they aim to have the final release and updates for it to be done as quickly as possible.

The game is currently available on PC and Mac. The PS4 version will arrive this coming holiday 2018. The Xbox One version will launch at a later time.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

Source: Official PlayStation Blog

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