Sucker Punch Excited About DualSense Haptic Feedback; Possible Ghost of Tsushima PS5 Plans

Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch’s latest hit Ghost of Tsushima just got out on PlayStation 4 and a lot of gamers already love it. With beautiful environments, exciting gameplay, intense story, and cinematic modes to experiment on, the game has provided players with so much fun that Twitter is filled with gorgeous screenshots and clips from it.

Since then, Sucker Punch has been able to relax and breathe with just trying to get the feel on what to improve from the feedback they get from the gaming community. Aside from that, they can now look forward to other things like for example the next generation console PlayStation 5.

Sucker Punch Co-Founder and Producer Brian Fleming with Art Director and Creative Director Jason Connell talk about what they are excited about the next-gen console.

For Connell, he has not been able to think much about the PS5 because he was particular focused on Ghost of Tsushima, trying to get it out there in the public, and the feedback from the gaming community.

Fleming, on the other hand, shared his excitement and expectation for the next-gen console. He is “nerdily excited” about the haptic feedback in the DualSense controller.

Fleming continues:

We talked about how we really love how controllers kind of connect [you to the game], and anything that gives us more ability to give the player better tactile feedback about what’s going on I think will be a big deal. So I think for Sucker Punch, that’s a particularly interesting area, right?

The producer remembered their previous game, Infamous Second Son, with the spray can. The controller was a very essential tool in the game, which is why they felt Ghost of Tsushima will also make the controller have a significant role in-game.

Connell noted that making the controller have an important role is like embedded studio philosophy already. Ghost of Tsushima players will need the wind to give them direction, which is why the controller assists them in a way of flicking through the touch pad. Also the wind audio comes through the little speaker in it, which was the suggestion of their audio guy because he thought it was cool.

In relation to the PS5, they were asked if the game will be coming to the next-gen console in the future like getting an upgrade or anything similar. Fleming gave a little hint that there might be a chance it will be coming to that particular console. He did say that there will be more information in the weeks to come since they are still busy with their transition from work.

Hopefully there will be some news about going to PS5 since it will be a big upgrade for Ghost of Tsushima. Imagine looking at the beautiful environments of the game, but with better hardware meaning more polish to the visuals. It would make amazing photoshoots.

The game is currently available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Interview source: Eurogamer