Super Mario 64 Currently Playable on Web Browser

For some unknown reason, the classic Super Mario 64 now completely free to play on the web browser.

super mario 64

The game is now playable on the web browser via this link. Of course this is completely unofficial and anytime soon game company Nintendo will come through the doors crashing down and take this down without remorse. It is pretty awesome though that fans can play this without any emulator or ROM to load: just plug and play!

Yours truly tried it out and it plays so smoothly even with my potato PC. There is no lag, no screen tearing, no frame drops. It is utter perfection that it just plays like how the old Nintendo 64 would play it on the old CRT TVs of the past. Incredible.

The keyboard controls are kind of new to me, but this would be familiar to those who have prior emulator gaming experience. It also offers an option where players can connect a controller, just like how it is intended to be played.

According to media outlet Nintendo Life, this is a port from the Super Mario 64 decomp project, which is now available on github.

Enjoy it now before Nintendo takes it down indefinitely!

Source: via Nintendo Life