Super Mario Bros. Wonder Details Revealed

Visit the Flower Kingdom and save it from Bowser!

The newest Super Mario Bros. Wonder Nintendo Direct revealed a lot of new gameplay details of the upcoming video game.

The new Nintendo Direct started with a trailer for Super Mario Bros. Wonder which revealed the Flower Kingdom, a different setting from most Mario games’ Mushroom Kingdom. In this title, the gang has been invited to the kingdom, only to be invaded by Bowser and merges with the prince’s castle.

The Flower Kingdom has six worlds that circle the Petal Isles. Players can explore seven areas which includes Pipe-Rock Plateau, Fluff-Puff Peaks, Shining Falls, and three mystery areas.

Players can move around the maps via courses, but there are also open areas to explore. In these area, they can choose different courses to complete and can be done in no particular order.

Courses Menu has been added to let players quickly return to levels once they have visited them.

Players can choose from eight different characters which are Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, two Toads, Yoshi and Nabbit. The first six characters will play the same while Yoshi and Nabbit have a few different moves.

Nabbit and Yoshia have different moves from each other and will not take damage. They can still lose life if they fall into a pit though.

Players can also encounter Talking Flowers as they explore each level. It offers motivating advice and secrets to unlock if they can be done properly.

Various power-ups can be acquired throughout the game like the Elephant mode which turns characters into elephants. They can use their trunks to attack enemies, destroy blocks with raw power, store water in their trunks and spray it out, and more.

Bubble and Drill powers up got revealed but there will be the classic Fire Flower power up too. Bubble form lets players blow bubbles that can be used to capture and defeat enemies or jump on as platforms to reach new areas. The Drill protects players from tough enemies and can be used to burrow underground or drill through some objects.

The Wonder Flower can change the game randomly. It can turn Mario into Goomba, the course will warp in different ways, fill up the room with giant glowing bubbles, and many more.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has Badges which is a perk system. These are upgrades unlockable throughout the game and add some major gameplay changes to each level. Safety Bounce stops players falling in lava, Coin Magnet pulls coins towards the player, Jet Run adds endless, and more.

The game will have four-player local co-op with online connectivity. It includes ghost mode data that comes with extra gameplay benefits.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches on October 20, 2023 on Nintendo Switch.