Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Kazuya In-Depth Look with Mr. Sakurai Released

A new video of popular action fighting video game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate featuring Game Director Masahiro Sakurai was recently aired featuring the upcoming character Kazuya Mishima.

Sakurai shared the different movesets that Kazuya offers in this video game. He pretty much moves like his original Tekken counterpart, but in the form of SSBU. He has tons of moves that were based from the Tekken games.

super smash bros ultimate

Check out Kazuya’s moves below:

  • Tsunami Kick
  • Searing Edge
  • Flash Punch Combo
  • Steel Pedal Drop
  • Flash Tornado
  • Nejiri Uraken
  • Crouch Spin Kick
  • Twin Pistons
  • Sternum Smash
  • Jumping Sobat
  • Spinning Demon to Left Hook
  • Dragon Uppercut
  • Tombstone Crusher
  • Gates of Hell
  • Electric Wind God Fist
  • Crouch Jab
  • Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kicks
  • Rising Toe Kick
  • Stature Smash
  • Crouch Dash
  • Left Splits Kick
  • Stonehead
  • Demon God Fist
  • Oni Front Kick
  • Double Face Kick
  • Demon Scissors
  • Jump Side Kick
  • Demon’s Wrath
  • Leaping Sidekick
  • Jumping Knuckle
  • Air Inferno
  • 10 Hit Combo

Kazuya has tons of moves to use from, which feels like playing in Tekken. Sakurai then proceeds to explain most of his moves to the fans and how to effectively use them in battle.

Tomorrow, June 29, Kazuya will be available to download on the Nintendo Switch as a DLC fighter.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Here’s the video: