Nintendo Offers Free Seven Day Trial of Switch Online for Limited Time

Play online with friends for a limited time!

Nintendo is now offering a free seven-day trial of the Switch Online subscription for a limited time only and it’s only available to certain users.

The service is going to be free to new users for only seven days. Also, it will only be available until April 2, 2023. It is advised for newcomers to get this service right away since it is limited only for a few months.

Subscribers who will try out the trial will be able to gain access to online features and the cloud to back up save files. It will also offer some awesome classic games from NES, SNES, and most recently the Game Boy.

There are more classic titles that can be accessed but, that will need the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass. This trial only offers the basic version.

Players who have already purchased the Switch Online service a while ago cannot activate this trial. Only newcomers and those who have not tried out the service yet can take advantage of this opportunity.