Switch to Next Nintendo Console to Have Smooth Transition Nintendo Says

Nintendo accounts become basis of strong foundation to build its next generation infrastructure.

In the latest statement, Nintendo plans to give players a smooth transition from Nintendo Switch to the next console.

Transition from Switch to Future Nintendo Console Will Be Smooth

In a recent investors Q&A session, which got translated by Genki on Twitter, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa stated that Nintendo Accounts will become a staple for users going forward. They will be used for transferring personal details from current consoles to future devices.

“As for the transition from Nintendo Switch to the next generation machine, we want to do as much as possible in order to smoothly transition our customers while utilizing the Nintendo Account,” he said.

Nintendo Network ID Not That Reliable

Unfortunately, Nintendo has been known for not having a strong or consistent online infrastructure. The Nintendo Accounts were only recently introduced in the Switch era. During the Wii U and 3DS years, both used a Nintendo Network ID which did the job, but it was far from the smooth transition that Furukawa promised. It was not that reliable at that time that some IDS could lose vital information which led to creating new IDs again.

The president is now proud to say that there are more than 290 million Nintendo Accounts that are used across console and mobile. This gave the company a strong foundation to build its next generation infrastructure.

Next Nintendo Console?

These new interview details have now sparked speculation of the next Nintendo console again after it died down a while ago. Seeing Furukawa acknowledge that there is a new console coming in the future is a good sign for fans of Nintendo. A small hint of what the next console would have been great, but for now, the confirmation would have to suffice.