Synergy88 just recently launched Barangay Basketball

Synergy88 Digital, a pioneering digital solutions company based in the Philippines, has recently announced the release of Barangay Basketball on Google Play last October 28, 2016. A distinctly Pinoy gaming experience, Barangay Basketball is not only the first story-based mobile game created by Filipinos but is also the first to reflect local community life in the Philippines.

We’ve been given a chance to try Barangay Basketball at the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit last Friday in the SMX Convention Center. The game offers not one gameplay mechanic, but three: left and right swiping, following swipe-patterns, and tapping. It was also announced the game has launced on the same day while Synergy88 Digital is still working on their online subscription-based PVP mode. Barangay Basketball offers a narrative based on the local Philippine basketball — not the big time players in PBA, but teams in our Barangays.

Barangay Basketball follows the story of Wax, son of a former Filipino basketball legend, as he tries to step out of his father’s shadow and become a basketball star in his own right.  Along the way, he meets a slew of interesting characters who can help make or break his dream.

Dave, our Co-Editor in Chief, tried Barangay Basketball at ESGS 2016 in the SMX Convention Center within Pasay City, Philippines.

“We’re proud and very excited to share this unique mobile gaming experience not just to Filipinos but also to people in other parts of the world,” says Jackeline Chua, Managing Partner of Synergy88 Digital. “There are only a few games out there that highlight the fun and positive side of the Filipinos and we feel that Barangay Basketball is a game that will definitely help fill this gap.”

Barangay Basketball also serves as a prequel to the story of an upcoming anime TV series, Barangay 143. The show, co-produced by Synergy88 Entertainment Media, August Media and TV Asahi, will revolve around the challenges, defeats and victories of a group of basketball-loving Filipino teenagers. The show will initially be aired in the Philippines but will also make waves on international shores later on.

Barangay Basketball can be downloaded and played for free using any gaming-capable Android device.